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I am a  graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a degree in Art/Photography and a minor in Art History, a certified precious metal clay (PMC) artisan, a member of the PMC Guild, the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, and the Hanover, Pennsylvania Art Guild.

*Every piece of jewelry you’ll see here has been designed and created with my hands, using fine silver.*

What is PMC?

PMC is a material that was developed in Japan in the 1990’s.  Microscopic particles of silver are combined with an organic binder to create a material with the pliability of modeling clay.  The clay is sculpted into the desired shape and then is fired in a jewelers kiln.  When the clay is fired, the organic binder burns off and you are left with a piece of 99.9% pure fine silver.

After firing, the pieces can have patina added, be enameled, or fired again with glass pieces, as well as a variety of other finishing treatments. The possibilities with this material are endless, and the only limit to what can be created is your own imagination!

I hope you enjoy my jewelry. Feel free to contact me. I’d be happy to tell you more about PMC, or design a piece of jewelry unique to you.

My Photography

I enjoy photographing a variety of subjects which I always look for the story or different angle behind, striving to find the view that is not like everyone else’s.  The beauty of this medium is that like the precious metal clay, the only limit is the imagination. Please peruse my galleries found on the photography page.  New images are posted frequently in the album titled “my latest shoot”


by Jennifer Shaw

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Artisan Jewelry


from precious

metal clay

Fine Art Photography

images captured in the lens of

my eye, and transferred to paper.